The Marvels of Movement: Prenatal Exercise Essentials

Embarking on the miraculous journey of pregnancy, your body becomes a haven of life, nurturing and evolving. To support this evolution, regular exercise during this special time emerges as the key to independence, mental clarity, and vitality.

Benefits of Prenatal Exercise

Stamina Boost: Preparing for childbirth is akin to training for a marathon. Strengthening exercises help build stamina, making the process smoother. Exercise can also help to give you an energy boost if you’re having a low energy day during your pregnancy.

Alleviates Common Discomforts: Prenatal workouts can relieve lower back pain, leg cramps, and other common pregnancy aches and pains, as confirmed by the American Pregnancy Association.

Promotes Emotional Well-being: Pregnancy can sometimes feel stressful and overwhelming. Exercise can be a great way to put your mind at ease and take some timeout from the stresses of your day. What’s more, exercise releases endorphins, acting as a natural mood enhancer which can be helpful, especially as your hormones and emotions fluctuate throughout pregnancy.

Preparation for D-Day: A strong core and pelvic floor muscle can significantly assist during childbirth, reducing labour duration and aiding recovery. Exercise during pregnancy doesn’t have to be anything too strenuous. Just 20-30 minutes of moderate exercise every day can make all the difference to your pregnancy experience and beyond.

Always prioritize safety and consult with a healthcare provider before starting an exercise program
during pregnancy. If you’re not sure where to start, STRONG by Alex is a week by week online pregnancy exercise
program, designed by Alex Gleeson, an exercise physiologist who specialises in pre and post-natal fitness.


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