Welcome to Strong by Alex!

I’m Alex Gleeson, a fully qualified and Accredited Exercise Physiologist and the driving force behind this personal digital fitness App dedicated to empowering women throughout their pregnancy journey and post-pregnancy.


With a bachelor’s degree with honours in Exercise Physiology and a master’s degree in public health from the prestigious University of Sydney, I possess the knowledge and expertise to guide you on your path to health and well-being.

As a mother of three, I intimately understand the demands and busy-ness that come with motherhood. Despite the hectic schedule, I prioritise my physical and mental well-being, firmly believing that cultivating the right mindset and embracing a well-rounded exercise regimen are essential for achieving health and happiness on the motherhood journey.

Having experienced the profound changes that came with pregnancy, I sought to maintain my strength, both physically and mentally, throughout this transformative time. The journey was uncharted territory, but I made the necessary lifestyle changes and committed to exercise, even during and after pregnancy, which has made my life incredibly fulfilling with three beautiful kids, work, and my SBA programs. I am now stronger, fitter, and healthier than ever before, and I wanted to share this knowledge with other women, so they too can embrace their own strength and capabilities.

From the moment you saw those two blue or pink lines, the excitement must have been unforgettable! Now that you’re pregnant, you might be wondering what changes and what stays the same.

The good news is, you can continue your exercise routine for the next 9 months and beyond with my guidance and a few modifications. Staying motivated and making time for your exercise routine can be challenging, but my videos, tips, and tricks are here to support you in staying on track during and after your pregnancy. The right mindset is vital to reaching your motherhood goals.

At Strong by Alex, we offer Pre- and Post-Natal exercise programs tailored to the specific needs of expecting and new mothers. Our aim is to ensure you experience a joyful pregnancy and a smooth recovery postpartum.

My inspiration to create Strong by Alex arose from my training in Exercise Physiology and Public Health, where I saw the need for personalized exercise routines catering to pre- and post-natal women. I envisioned a safe and supportive space where mothers could embrace the physical changes of pregnancy, postpartum recovery, and the challenges of motherhood while reconnecting with their bodies and core.

My commitment lies in enhancing the health and lives of women by tapping into their internal strength and fostering a deeper connection to their bodies, resulting in renewed confidence and happiness in both their professional and family lives.

If you’ve faced challenges maintaining a consistent exercise routine, finding an enjoyable regime, or seeing tangible results, look no further.

Join me on this transformative journey to embrace your strength, regain your confidence, and discover the joy of physical and mental well-being as a mother. Together, we’ll create a healthier, happier you.

Flourishing Mothers, Thriving Babies.

Workouts to suit your life.

You’ll experience huge changes when you’re pregnant. Strong by Alex have the programs that progress with you, as you move through your pregnancy and after.

Strong By Alex offers tailored programs for each trimester or you can choose to take the full program and just follow week by week.


Trimester 1

Week 1 to Week 12

Trimester 2

Week 13 to Week 26

Trimester 3

Week 27 to Week 40

Getting Started

We are all about your safety and the wellbeing of your baby, so please ensure you receive clearance from your GP/obstetrician before commencing any new routines during pregnancy before you begin.

If your health status or situation changes, then you must listen to your health professional’s advice (GP, obstetrician, or midwife) – even if you’re feeling well.

The right mindset is so important if you want to reach your goals, and that’s where Strong by Alex can help. Over the last 7 years, I’ve loved supporting my clients through a happy pregnancy and recovery, and I hope I can do the same for you.