Dance with the Baby: Postnatal Bonding Through Movement

Finding time to exercise in the months after having a baby can be hard. You’re not only sleep deprived, you are still physically recovering from the birth, and the last thing you may feel like doing is moving your body. But sometimes exercise, even if it is only gentle movement, can make you feel better mentally and even give you a little energy boost.

If finding the time to fit in a workout as a new mum is stopping you from moving, why not include your baby in your workout? Postnatal care isn’t just about restoration; it’s also about connection. Engaging in gentle exercises with your baby not only strengthens your bond but also promotes physical recovery.

Benefits of Baby-Inclusive Workouts

1. Boosts Baby’s Development: The gentle movements and rhythms can stimulate the baby’s senses, promoting cognitive and physical development.

2. Strengthens Maternal Bond: Physical closeness during workouts can enhance the bond, creating cherished memories.

3. A Fun Way to Fitness: Dancing or gentle aerobic movements with the baby can be both fun and beneficial, shedding post-pregnancy pounds.

4. Mood Elevation: The shared joy of movement can be a natural mood booster, helping to drive away postpartum blues.

Ensure safety first: use appropriate baby carriers if needed and choose movements that are gentle on both the mother and the baby. The STRONG by Alex postnatal program is designed to be done in the comfort of your own home with minimal equipment. You could do all the workouts with your baby right beside you.


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